Measuring device software

IDECO devices with built-in measurement data documentation

IDECO Measuring device software

Devices that have a built-in PC for control (Thermo-Analyser / Hydrogen-Analyser), as well as some VAC-TEST devices (such as the VT702SN / VT711SN) additionally always have documentation (storage/archiving) of the measurement results.

  • Tabular overview of the current measurements with sample identification and measurement result.
  • Every measurement is assigned a unique user-related measurement identifier (e.g. "article", "customer", "batch", "furnace", "alloy", etc.)
  • The input of this sample identification can be simplified through the use of tailored menu-guided input screens, selection lists or validation lists and stored plausibility checks, which also ensure the avoidance of input errors
  • Automatic measured value identification for frequently recurring entries, e.g. for follow-up measurements (Ident-Memory)
  • Automatic acquisition and storage of the measurement result together with the sample identification
  • Search and filter functions for all stored measurements
  • Measurements can be retrospectively supplemented with additional data (e.g. a comment)
  • Manual backup of measurements on USB data carrier
  • Network-compatible, e.g. to create an automatic data backup and to make the data available to the "QS-Master" office software.
  • When used in combination with "QS-Master", further individual functionalities are conceivable (e.g. the import of master data, as well as alloy or article-related min./max. target values for result evaluation (green/red)). It would then be possible to manage these specifications in the office and automatically transfer them to the device in production.
  • Secured system ("kiosk mode"). No access to the operating system for the operator

"Dicon Base"

IDECO Measuring device software

For density terminals without optional built-in documentation (e.g. VT162SO).

For installation on an existing user PC.

Software for the automatic import and management of VAC-TEST data with user-related sample identification as well as tabular and graphical evaluation of the data to locate dependencies and clarify influences.

  • Quick view of the current measurements (e.g. of the last 24 hours)
  • Menu-driven entry of sample identification (e.g. furnace, article, customer, batch, alloy, etc.)
  • Master database for faster identification input for follow-up measurements (Ident-Memory)
  • Automatic read-in of the measured data of the DI terminal (density, density index) via serial interface
  • Extensive search and filter functions
  • Individual table format, which can be saved
  • Display of numeric data as a history diagram for improved identification of conspicuous values
  • Print function and PDF creation for tables and diagrams
  • Table export into text format
  • Automatic production of measurement data backup and/or export file (e.g. on a network server)
  • Administration of master data (to simplify identification input and avoid input errors)
  • Administration of alloy-related or article-related min./max. target values for results evaluation (red/green) as information for the user.
  • If several test stations with "Dicon-Base" are in use, master data and target values managed centrally in the office can also be imported in combination with the "QS-Master" software